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Lighten-Up! Online Weight Loss Retreat

ATTENTION: Women who are sick and tired of those stubborn yo-yo pounds and want long term weight loss results, now!

Introducing “Lighten Up!” a 6-week, online weight loss retreat specifically designed to skyrocket your energy, release unwanted pounds for good, and finally learn to relax and love yourself.

Ever wonder how celebrities are able to stay in such great shape?  They have created a team of experts to support them.  From personal chefs, to trainers, to therapists. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot of personal work to be done, but achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams is best accomplished through a team effort of those who have your best interest at heart.  This is why The Good Life Coalition has assembled the Lighten-Up team of experts, to give you the personal coaching and support you need to release the heaviness, loneliness and insecurity you want to escape.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know your health is lacking and you’re fed up with your limited wardrobe
  • Cupcakes and chocolate are not the kinds of fulfilling relationships you have been dreaming of your whole life
  • You feel constricted not just in your waistline, but also by time, food and money
  • You have read all the diet books and tried every weight loss program. Honestly, if they had worked, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!
  • You’ve started a lot of really healthy habits but just can’t get them to STICK.


Is your life full of these unhealthy patterns?

  • Always self-sabotaging your goals, turning to food when life gets tough
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others and trash-talking yourself, which keeps you from consistent exercise and eating right
  • Tired of having to hide your arms, thighs and love handles
  • Riding the weight-loss roller coaster: lose 10lbs, gain 10lbs, lose 5 and plateau…
  • The self-loathing cycle: binge-eating, then punishing yourself through extreme diet and exercise

It’s time for you to stand up for yourself and finally break the cycle.

Claim your health

Claim your energy

Claim your happiness

Amy says: I had been trying to lose my “baby weight” for 4 years. I could tell that my hormones weren’t right, I didn’t have the energy or the time to work out and I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. I felt that I was eating pretty well and just couldn’t get past the blocks. I had lost 8  lbs a couple years ago by stressing out my body with running, which I hated and caused injury. I also gained it all back in a pretty short period of time.  Lighten-up immediately appealed to me as a way to take control of not just my weight and diet, but my whole self. I found workouts that I can do that challenge my body, but don’t hurt it; food I can eat that doesn’t leave me unsatisfied or craving other things I shouldn’t eat; a community of people I can talk to about all aspects of my journey to take my life back. I have lost more weight in 6 weeks than I lost in 6 months previously.  I can tell that my hormones are getting back to where they should be and I look forward to “my time” everyday doing nice things for myself, organizing for a little while and working out.  I feel much more in tune with how my body is feeling and how to bring it back to a healthy state. I know I am not finished yet–I still have more to lose and more to do, but I am confident now that I am in control and know what to do to make it happen!

Lighten-Up Addresses Your WHOLE SELF

The Lighten Up Online Weight Loss Retreat is a unique, whole-self approach to achieving your ideal weight. This 6-week, step-by-step program addresses much more than just nutrition and fitness.

With the Lighten Up! Program you will:

  • Discover how your weight struggles are connected to more than just food and exercise
  • Learn how to change your environment, improve your personal relationships, and see immediate results on the scale
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that keep you stuck in a cycle of self-defeat
  • Create long-term relationships and support systems that will help you transform the health of your mind, body and spirit forever

Amanda says: This was an amazing experience! I learned so much about being healthy in every aspect of my life. i am always hesitant to spend money on something that I feel I should be able to accomplish on my own, but after months of trying to lose stubborn baby weight, I decided it was time to be willing to treat myself. I have never regretted it – and neither has my spouse! He is so proud of the healthy changes I’ve made and is begging me to bring him along on this healthy lifestyle. In 6 weeks i have lost 12 pounds, my clothes fit better than they have in years, and i’ve made changes that will last me a lifetime. This has been such a wonderful experience, that i am signing of for Season 2 to give me the edge I need to cement all the positive changes I’ve made in my life! Just do it – you will not regret it!

Here are the 5 simple components to the Lighten Up Retreat that will get you the results you are looking for:

1. Enjoy the healthiest foods

Calories are not created equal. You can count them ’til you’re blue in the face, but until you improve the quality of your food, you’ll always experience re-gains, and you’ll become more sick over time. Lighten Up’s holistic nutritionist-designed meal plan is guaranteed to maximize your results. You can expect to:

  • Optimize weight loss and break through plateaus
  • Release toxins from your cells that are draining your energy and messing with your hormones
  • Enjoy eating healthy food without feeling deprived
  • Move through cravings gracefully and ditch emotional eating for good
  • Eat to balance hormones that affect your weight, sleep quality, energy, and metabolism

2. Find your soulmate workout and stop dreading sweating!

If you hate exercising, it’s not because you weren’t meant to do it. You just haven’t found your soulmate workout. During the Lighten-Up Retreat, you will:

  • Learn how to find your “soulmate” workout – the type of exercise that you’ll actually stick to because it’s perfectly matched with your personality
  • Customize your fitness plan so you can finally begin to enjoy exercise
  • Feel lighter, tighter, stronger, more empowered, and more productive throughout the day
  • Learn the secrets to fitting daily exercise into your very busy life

3. Free your mindset

As long as you are constantly putting yourself down about how you look, you’re NOT going to experience permanent weight loss. On the flip side, if you lighten up your mind-set and start loving your body, weight loss will come naturally. It is pretty simple: where your mind goes your energy flows. Learn to truly love every curve of your body as you release yourself from the past beliefs and experiences that weigh you down.

4. Make room for success

Your surroundings often mirror what’s going on inside your body. Stress, clutter, and a long list of unfinished projects weighing you down are proven to cause weight gain. Lighten up your surroundings, and you can guarantee to see some physical lightening-up too!

5. Nourish and foster healthy relationships

Relationships with family, co-workers and friends can either be incredibly supportive–or detrimental–to your health. Taking off the weight of unhealthy relationships can automatically lighten up your body without changing anything else! 


  A. W. says: I am excited about the changes that happened over the 6 weeks of Lighten-Up.  I felt much more focused on the positive and what TO DO for my body rather all of the things I couldn’t or shouldn’t do.  That encouraged me feeling more free than other weight loss endeavors and facilitated more lifestyle change.  I love how the program had such a well rounded focus and was based on real food.  At the end of these 6 weeks I feel much better about myself and am kinder and gentler to myself than I ever have been before when striving to lose weight.  The support of all of the experts and the involvement of the private community also set this program apart and created an environment which definitely facilitated my success.


Meet the Expert Panelists That Will Help You Lighten Up:

Syl Carson, Yoga Instructor, founder of Bodhi Yoga, and Yoga DVD professional.

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, bestselling author, speaker and internationally recognized nutrition and women’s health authority.

Tamarah Bartmess, Certified SimplyHealed® Practitioner, founder of The Lightsome Life and author of the book series “Weight Loss Affirmations.”

Lindsay Brin, C.P.T., B.S.E. Exercise Science, international author and DVD fitness professional.

Matt Townsend, relationship expert, speaker, author, and trainer to Fortune 500 companies on healthy personal and business relationships.

McKenna Gordon, holistic nutritionist, author, and founder of Totally Healthy Recipes

Laura Koniver, MD, “The Intuition Physician,” author, physician and speaker.











What’s Included:

The Lighten-Up Retreat Program Guide

A comprehensive yet very simple guide that clearly walks you through each day of your retreat, including goal setting, daily routines that set you up for success in seconds, and a calendar of events so you don’t miss a thing. ($14.99 value)

The Lighten Up! Menu Plan

6 weeks of delicious, comforting, fat-burning menus. Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free friendly. The healthiest foods are often the most simple to prepare. We make meal prep quick and easy. ($29.99 value)

The Lighten-Up Daily Log 

Studies have proven that those who track their food intake in a journal lose up to twice as much weight as those who don’t track their food. Plus, you’ll learn how this is the key to learning from your body: what it needs the most, and what it’s most sensitive to. (12.99 value)


Get unparalleled support and be part of a close-knit community of participants who are just as committed as you are. Accountability is perhaps the most powerful thing when it comes to making life-altering changes. This community will buoy you up during challenging days and celebrate with you on the good days. ($59.00 value)

Daily Inspiration

A constant negative attitude never made anyone beautiful. Learn how to hone in on your emotions and steer them in the right direction. You’ll start to smile (genuinely!) no matter what type of hair day you’re having. You will begin and end each day in positivity, hope, and celebration for your daily accomplishments. ($99.00 value)

Daily Support

You’ll get a constant flow of weight loss tricks and secrets from each of your Lighten-Up experts: clear and concise education that you can implement into your life without spending hours in the gym or the kitchen.  ($149 value)

Weekly Support Calls

Your dream team of experts will be there to coach and teach you every week on exclusive, info-packed and inspiring teleclasses. ($699 value)

Celebration Swag Bag

As a graduation gift, you will receive a “swag bag” carefully put together by the Lighten-Up experts to help you continue to succeed and experience vibrant health and energy. These gifts are valued at over $200 combined.

To separately purchase the eBooks, classes, and direct access to renowned wellness experts, you would have to pay over $1,000 (not including the $200 value swag bag.)

But because The Good Life Coalition’s mission is to help as many people as possible turn their health around and finally BE WELL in every sense of the word, you will pay only $149 (risk-free) for this revolutionary program. Here’s the breakdown:

            • Lighten Up Online Weight Loss Retreat: $1063.97
            • Graduation Swag Bag: $200.00
            • Total value: $1263.97
            • You pay a 100% Risk-Free: $149

But, you can save money or even register FREE! For every friend you refer to Lighten-Up, we will refund you $15 of your purchase price. All you need to do is have your friend type your name as the person who referred them while they’re registering.



Be Well, Do Good!

We are committed to helping you live a life of wellness and then from that place of health, to do good for those around you.  With your purchase and participation in the Lighten-Up retreat, you will provide a full year of clean drinking water to a person in a 3rd world village or disaster situation. Click here for more information, you do-gooder, you.

Still not 100% certain? Click here for the Lighten-Up FAQ


M. says:

I don’t feel so packed into my skin. My energy levels are better, my moods are better, my skin is better. I’m more inclined to eat at home rather than go out to eat (thats HUGE) so I’m spending less on food. I’ve started to actually enjoy meal planning (another HUGE thing!) I’m looking forward to the next season.


Lynne says:

I lost 11.5 pounds and gained knowledge on looking at dieting and healthy eating in a more balanced way–physically, emotionally and spirituallly.  I highly recommend the program!


Dori Says:

After focusing on what, when and how much I ate during the day it was very easy to see what contributed to my fatigue, bad moods, and my inability to lose weight. Once I removed The caffeine and sugar from my diet everything improved immediately! It was like taking a breath of fresh air. I finally had the energy to do things I wanted instead of taking a nap. My moods were much more pleasant and bedtime wasn’t strained because I was so tired. My husband and I can now have date nights. :)


Sharon says:

This was a great experiance, I learned alot and had fun doing it.  It was truley a blessing because I had alot of health issues and some of them have lessened and I was actually able to cut down on one of my medications.  I want to  make this a lifestyle and keep improving.


Jennifer says:

The lighten up retreat was a bit scary at first.  It cost money and that is a hard thing to give up especially when the thing we are paying for isn’t promising “instant results” so I knew that I would need to put time and energy into the program that I was paying for.  I have to pay and do all the work, doesn’t sound fair right??!! Now, I knew that was a thinking error as I read all about the program and knew there was more to it.  I finally gave in and signed up.  I was concerned about the timing as we were in the process of moving and would be “out of a house’ for a week (turned into 2 weeks) but there is never an ideal time to change ones lifestyle.  I have always loved raw, healthy foods and recipes, but hated the effort they took i.e. more time in the grocery store to get fresh produce.  I also liked exercising, but needed to be more consistent.  This program provided all of the above for me and with the daily log I knew I had to do it as I didn’t want to disappoint myself.  So remember there will never be a “perfect” time and just do it!


Leslie says:

The Lighten-Up Retreat was a fantastic jump start to eating healthy. I am hooked on green smoothies and living food now. I loved the way you eased us into greener smoothies and now the greener smoothies are just as delish as the fruitier ones.